The student of the department of linguistics, as well as other FASAITES, had a fantastic experience during the department hike that was organized by the director of socials of the department in person of Emmanuel Tyulen.
The hike kick-started by 6:30 am on the 16th November 2019. Students gathered at Tina junction to obtain their tickets and prepare for the hike. It started from Tina junction to Shere hills in Lamingo.
Despite the busy hills and hot sun which was very unfriendly, there was music, face painting, popcorn and dance performances that spiced up the event.
The director of socials of the department of linguistics in person of Emmanuel Tyulen during an interview expressed his gratitude to God and the students for making time to come to the hike. He also spoke on some impediments that almost spoilt the event. These impediments. according to him, were financial challenges and support from sponsors. But despite this impediment, the hike was still a success.

Report by Ruth Ameh
Edited by JM (4/5)

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