In the early hours of Saturday morning,  16th November, the  Man O War in the University of Jos hosted an exercise tagged “OPERATION KEEP FIT TO SLAY”.
The exercise was targeted to student of Naraguta block D and Zion hostel.
       Quoting the commander in chief of Man O War university of jos chapter in the person of comrade Longbaam Charity,  the exercise  is not just for plus sized or over weighted people but for every body who wants to ‘keep fit to slay’ as the name of the program implies.
       She further explained that the exercise was also a medium to create awareness about Man O War and to persuade girls to join the program as Man O War as persived more for the opposite gender.
    At the exercise, the participants said that they hope that people will see the good in Man O War as it provides security  and serves as an alarm clock to those who intend reading in the early morning hours during their wake up call.
Report and photo by Gloria Irimia
Edited by JM (2/5)

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