Levitation concert which took place at the University of Jos open-air theater at the Bauchi Road Campus on the 16th of November took place at 3 pm which featured music, comedy, dance, drama, poetry presentation and games.
The concert is aimed at promoting the culture of music in Jos and to showcase good music to the people of Jos and others at large.
In an interview with one of the organisers Bamidele Addison a 400 level student from the department of physics said that “the levitation concert is a yearly program which aims to improve the ability and skills of students who are gifted with special talents like speeching poetry, music and more interesting arts. He further stated that this concert is for students to discover their talent and how they can put such talent to practice.
In another interview with one of the viewers Odeh Aricha Epiphany, expressed her happiness concerning the levitation concert in her remark” I am so excited and glad that I was able to attend this second edition of the concert which I can describe it as a place of reality. She further mentioned that the concert was entertaining and the upcoming artists who performed were all amazing during their performances and also looking forward to attending another levitation concert.
In an interview with one of the performing artist, Jeffkriss Osas a 400 level physics education department said that ” levitation is about a live band, and a group of artists coming to sing which is basically about entertainment and this has given me a state of being confident in oneself”.

Report and photos by Janet Oguntuga
Edited by JM (4/5)