On the 18th of November, 2019; the department of mass communication came out to exercise their franchise, in their quest to elect new officials for the 2019/2020 session. The elections which were scheduled for 10:00 am, began precisely by 10:30 am as the ELCOM (Electoral committee) officials were awaiting the arrival of some electoral logistics.
A Seven-man electoral committee headed by the chairman, Cletus Dawam and three security officials from the Naraguta campus security division conducted the elections in front of the Faculty of Arts. Mass communication students filed out to exercise their votes, as they formed a queue first; to be accredited before they vote. The accreditation process began as the ELCOM officials checked if a voter had the required items to cast their votes; the Departmental ID card, the school ID card or AMCOMS (Association of Mass Communication students) receipt. Without any of the above-listed items, one would not be able to vote. After that on a list you will fill in your name, level and sign, then five ballot papers containing the pictures of the candidates for each post – would be handed. The ballot papers available were that of President, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Welfare Secretary, and Public Relations Officer (PRO). Finally, after the ballot papers are being handed, a mark would be made on your thumb with a marker to show you have voted once, then you proceed to cast your vote. This was how the process of voting went on.
To ensure a free and fair election, the Naraguta campus security division stood right in front of the ballot papers, carefully observing the whole process to prevent any sharp malpractices. The turn up was not much, as it was less than five hundred students who came out to vote. After all the voting processes were completed, the ELCOM officials proceeded to count the votes and the ELCOM chairman announced the results:
For the post of Public Relations Officer (PRO): Ayuba Doekyil had a total number of 232 votes and his opponent Jokodola Olanrewaju had a total number of 178 votes; leaving Ayuba Doekyil as the winner of P.R.O
For the post of Welfare Secretary: Jemila Lateef had a total number of 241 votes and her opponent Echoida Rebecca had a total number of 152 votes; leaving Jemila Lateef as the winner of welfare secretary.
For the post-Financial Secretary: Kwaptoe Fred had a total number of 302 votes and his opponent Ojelade Felix had a total number of 114 votes; leaving Kwaptoe Fred as the winner of financial secretary.
For the post of Treasurer: Anna Kanglong had a total number of 256 votes and Priscilla Fabian had a total number of 157 votes; leaving Anna Kanglong as the winner of treasurer.
For the post of President: Pwasollam Yiri had a total number of 168 votes and his opponent Collins Dapak had a total number of 244 votes; leaving Collins as the winner of President.
Agok Mercy emerged Vice-President, Odidi Joshua as Secretary-General, Simon Kuje as Director of Socials, Zamora Rhairom as Director of Sport, Aleni Elizabeth as Provost Marshall, Obadiah Livingstone as Assistant Secretary-General and Sandra Tankura as Library Secretary- as they had no votes because their post was un-opposed.
In an interview with the ELCOM chairman, Cletus Dawam, expressed his thoughts on the election as he disclosed “with everyone’s cooperation it made the voting process easy and transparent”.

Report and photos by Peace Onyewuenyi
Edited by JM (4/5)

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