The faculty of arts students association (FASA) held its second congress for the semester. EXCOs, senators and students turned out to witness this event. The event held in the faculty hall by 2:pm on the 18th of November 2019. The congress was declared open with a word of prayer by the secretary-general in the person of Philip Ishaku. he minutes of the last reading was read by the secretary-general as demanded by the EXCOs and senators.
Many important issues were brought to the table by the excos, congressmen and women. Issues about the security personnel, toilet facilities, financial reports, setting up of the Electoral Committee (ELCOM), end of session dinner and the 2019 magazine.
Issues discussed brought a lot of arguments and controversies in congress. There were loud noise and misunderstanding between the EXCOS and the congressmen and women. The deputy speaker in the person of senator Gbenga Salami suggested that the University should be the one to provide the toilet facilities for the faculty but was opposed by Bashorun Clinton a student of religion and philosophy who said that the faculty dues should be able to provide some of these things for the students. However, the president was able to calm the situation with proper dialogue and corrective criticism.
The financial secretary of FASA in the person of Golnen Ntal, on the other hand, gave a break down of every event that was carried out by the present administration and a total of all the expenditure which is one million, five hundred and thirty-eight thousand, five hundred Naira only (N1,538,500).
An interview with the vice president of FASA in the person of Juliet Fabong expressed her disappointment in Golnen Ntal the financial secretary for presenting the financial report on a paper and was asked to get it typed by the congressmen and women. She said it was highly unprofessional.
The selected ELCOM members were inaugurated by the speaker of the house in the person of Austin Mato. The ELCOMS committee include; Patrick Pius (theater and films arts) Golshana Gabriel (linguistics), Makwoe Andrew Segun (English ), Micah Panmun “Gallow” (mass communication ), Atboru Daniel (History and international studies ), Daniel Anna (French), Izang Ajyi (music), Sambo Aaron (Religion and philosophy), Kwappet Emmanuella (Archeology).
The president in the person of Mutong Laban expressed gross disappointment and sadness in the behavior of some congressmen and congresswomen which he considered as inappropriate and uncalled for. However, the president expressed satisfaction with the fact that the ELCOM members were inaugurated.

Report and photos by Ruth Ameh
Edited by JM (4/5)

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