Mass Communication Elect EXCOs for 2019/2020.

The atmosphere is tense for students of the department of mass communication faculty of arts Naraguta Campus, the University of Jos as the students of the department emerged in their number to exercise their franchise by voting for candidates of their choices.
The election which commenced from 10 am to 4 pm on Monday the 18th of October had about 16 candidates aspiring for various positions in the department.

Hence, the atmosphere of the election has been free and fair devoid of any form of violence except for an intrusion from a student who is not from the department and was caught trying to vote using another student’s identity card.

Thus, in an interview with Mbani Maimako a 400 level student of the department of mass communication she said: the election so far has been peaceful and irrespective of who emerges winner, she believes all respective candidates have the potential to lead and bring growth to the department.

Collation of the election began by 2 pm after the election was concluded with the result as follows.
President as Collins Dapak
Vice President as Agok Azumi Mercy
Secretary-general as Odidi Joshua
Assistant secretary-general as Obadiah Livingstone
Provost Marshall as Elizabeth Aleni
Welfare secretary as Jemila Lateef
Financial secretary as Kwaptoe Fred
Public relation officer as Ayuba Doekyil
Library Secretary as Sandra Tankura
Director of sports as Rhairom Zamora
Director of socials as Kuje Simon
Treasurer as Anna Kanlong

Report by Agok Azumi
Edited by JM (2/5)

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