The Escapade of Big Gee was indeed overwhelming as students filed out in their numbers for one of the biggest productions in 2019, in the University of Jos community at the open-air theatre, Main Campus.

The event which took place on the 14th of November, 2019 was thrilled by music performances from Dizzo, N I, Excel, Troitez, and Dr Nice as well as comedy from MC Elejo, MC kings, MC Buzzy,  MC Pololo.

The Escapade of Big Gee which was based on Yakubu Manji Gomos’s Project, who is a final year theatre and film arts student, focused on the concept of the hustle and the economic recession in Nigeria, which depicted bad leadership, unemployment, and the need for self-empowerment of the citizens especially the youths.

The drama performance which spiced up the event, focused on trending social issues like yahoo yahoo (online fraudsters), youths being more interested in Live TV Shows like Big Brother Naija rather than the economic and political growth of the country.

Speaking to Manji Yakubu Gomos, the owner of the production, he expressed his gratitude to God,  his family, lecturers, friends and the entire students who came out to support his production.  He also said that his production was an eye-opener to what was going on recently in Nigeria hence, there was the need for proper enlightenment to Nigerian Youths and the best way to get their attention was by portraying this in his production through comic entertainment.

The production was wrapped up with a dance performance by Dance 360, Alpha Pack, and The Afrikans, and a costume entry by Manji Gomos and Richard Agah which portrayed a movie called Money Heist.

Report and media by Tobins Azibanigha

Edited by JM (3/5)

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