On 22 nd November 2019, the National Association of English and Literary Students held her election in front of the faculty of arts to elect the next set of executive members of the department who will pilot the affairs of the association.
NASELS electoral committee setup ballot boxes and tables in front of the faculty of arts in order to allow the students to vote in a less stressful manner. The voting commenced by 10 am and
ended by 1 pm. While voting was going on, a series of interviews were conducted to get more information and the opinion of the aspirants and the election officer.
The first aspirant interviewed was Mr. Victor Ojochegbe, and he told us that all he wants is an effective and efficient financial system that will save “NASELSITES” time and energy. He further explained why he aims to achieve his ambitious manifesto if he wins. The second aspirant who was interviewed was an aspirant for the post of vice president, Miss. Kemi Abdulmalik. Before interviewing Miss. Kemi Abdulmalik, we spoke to the election observer, Emeka Josephat Kingsley who admonished that unlike the first election which held on Wednesday but got canceled because proper protocols were not observed, the rescheduled election was better in terms of punctuality and organization.
While interviewing Miss. Kemi Abdulmalik we discovered that there were 3 female aspirants for the post of Vice President which was really interesting because other departments presented either 2 aspirants or an unopposed aspirant. We asked her about her plans for her department if she wins and her reply was quite practical. She told us that her department doesn’t have a library and the struggles students from her department face while trying to read a text written by an author whose work might not be easy to come across on the internet. She said she would love to move the department forward in the aspect of academics by creating a library for the students to gain access to information easily.
At about 3:00 pm, the electoral committee was done calculating the votes and the ELCOM’s (ELECTORAL COMMISSION) chairperson, KATTIEMS FREDRICK ZEMNA’AN announced the results and they are as follows;

For the position of:
Welfare Secretary:
Ibrahim Mafeng Jessica- 108 votes
Elisha Peace Maktong- 173 votes (Winner)
Invalid- 2

Financial Secretary:
Bontehl Wawul- 128 votes
Ojochegbe Victor- 154 votes (Winner)
Invalid: 1

Vice President:
Abdulmalik Kemi Airat- 49 votes
Solomon Anna- 112 votes
Goyol Lengmwa- 119 votes (Winner)
Invalid: 3

Matta Patrick- 105 votes
Tertsua Philip- 176 votes (Winner)
Invalid: 1
Therefore, the following are the newly elected executive members of the association:
President- Tertsua Philip
Vice President- Goyol Lengmwa
Secretary-General- Omini Eyong
Assistant Secretary-General (A.S.G)- Patrick Abigail
Financial Secretary- Ojochegbe Victor
Treasurer- Faden Yankat
Director Of Socials- Pwajok Finbarr Moses
Director Of Sports- Nzapisma Shamsudeen
Welfare Secretary- Elisha Peace Maktong
Auditor General- Chingulnt
Librarian- Yenkwo Joy
THE POSITION OF; P.R.O (PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER) and PROVOST MARSHAL were left vacant due to the fact that there were no aspirants to run for the positions.

Report and photos by Osas Enahoro
Edited by JM (4/5)

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