NIPR UNIJOS chapter holds gathering after 3 years

The registered members of the NIPR- Nigerian Institute of Public Relations, UNIJOS chapter, held a gathering at the faculty of Arts, room 13, on the 22nd of November, 2019 after the association being dormant for 3 years.

Addressing the house at about 10:35 am, was the chairperson, Blessing Chisom, a 400 level student of mass communication.
She introduced the gathering as the first under the current, H. O. D, with the aim of letting on to registered participants, the criterion for participation.
Among a number of things, she informed participants of codes and ethics of the NIPR, which according to her, “would be learned as we move further in our course and in our practice as Public Relations practitioners”. She gave an example of ‘confidentiality’, which entails the sacredness of issues of clients and how these issues are not to be revealed publicly. Also, members were told the meaning of membership as Public Relations practitioners; “it represents a statement, that the holder is a qualified professional practitioner of Public Relations. The institute also provides opportunities for life long learning to assist members to grow professionally, and also helps members specialize in different areas of Public Relations”.
Going further into her address, the chairperson read out the criterion for participating, which are reviewed periodically to meet a required qualification by the public and the organized sector. Requirements as read, also included some educational attainments which “are not applicable to us as students. The organization, therefore, has provided certificates that support that we are certified members of PR when we go out of school”.
A list of things awarded by the certificate as read out by the chairperson include; multicultural publications, PR campaign planning, public affairs, marketing publications, community relation, community liaison, international relations, federal, state and local liaison, event management, media regular TV and press, among others.
Also, the hierarchy in NIPR as read out by the chairperson include;
a)  Fellows, which include every seated member in the UNIJOS NIPR chapter.
b) Honorary fellow which will be attained with advancement.
c) Member; persons who have been in PR for at least 5 years become automatic members.
d) Associates; people who have been participants for at least 2 years. Becoming an associate gives one the right to vote and impeach people in the NIPR.
e) Student NIPR, open to those studying for NIPR qualifications or any other approved qualification. This lasts for 3 years before advancement.
Registration and subscription fee for those not likely to register under the students chapter include;
a) registration paid on application, #25,000
b) Fellow, #25,000 per annum.
c) Honorary, #25,000 per annum.
d) Members, #2,000 per annum.
e) Graduates, #5,000 per annum.
f) Students, #2,000 per annum.
Other information by the chairperson, includes the compulsory election of excos which will be held next week.
Following a question asked by Isaac, 200 level, about the date for issuance of certificates, the chairperson explained that forms which were above the students chapter level were brought but returned by the H. O. D, requesting for simplified forms which will be filled by each registered student which will aid the procession of certificates to be “issued in due time”.
Rounding up the inaugural gathering, the chairperson again appreciated every member for their participation and assured that before the end of her tenure, herself and her executives will ensure that certificates would be issued so that incoming executives can begin on a clean slate where hopefully, regular meetings will be held, practitioners will be called to speak on certain areas of Public Relations. She, therefore, apologized for hers and her executives’ inability to make that possible during their tenure.
As there were no further questions or contributions, the gathering came to a close at about 11:20 am.
Interested students who had not been registered were directed to make payment and put down their names with one of the executives, Dabit Zion, 200 level.
Report and photos by Naze Sewuese
Edited by JM (3/5)

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