The National Institute Of Public Relations Unijos students wing chapter held its first meeting after 3 years at the faculty of arts. The meeting was chaired by Chisom Blessing Okwara a 400L student of mass communication (Chairperson of the association). 

She welcomed everybody and introduced herself and other excos that were present. 

”An individual has to be registered under NIPR in order to carry out public relations activities” as she emphasized the importance of being a member of the NIPR. 

    ”In Public Relations, you don’t elect people as president or Vice President, rather you elect them as chairperson (male and female).  A certificate would be given to every member of the association. With this certificate, you automatically become a member of the NIPR national body. Usually to obtain this certificate, one has to register and sit for examinations just like accountants write ICAN exams. The University and department have made it easy for students” she added. 

   The chairperson stated what one can do with the certificate.

  • Multicultural communication 
  • PR campaign planning 
  • Community Relations /liaison
  • Federal/state liaison
  • Protocol
  • Press Conferences and many more

     She also stated that there are rankings in Public Relations. Once the certificate is awarded to students they become fellows of NIPR. As one advances certain ranks and qualifications would be conferred on you.

    ”Students’ membership may not last for more than 3 years. After 3 years of student membership, you advance to become a member of the NIPR” she concluded.

Report and photo by Zion Dabit
Edited by JM (3/5)

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