REPSA Election : Mercy Vongwok Emerged Victorious as the President- Elect

Mercy Vongwok, a 300L student of the Department of Religion and philosophy emerged as the winner of the election that took place in the Faculty of Arts on the 21st of November, 2019.
There was so much joy and jubilation when she was announced as the president-elect.
While speaking with one of the students of the association, she said “she is happy because this is the 1st time a female will emerge victorious as the President-elect and also, the fact that she was able to compete with two men and still win.
Omoade, a student of the association also said that she commends the ELCOM for executing their responsibilities and for ensuring  free, fair and credible election under difficult conditions.
The president-elect said “she is happy and overwhelmed with joy and thanked the Almighty God for being able to come out victorious in the REPSA election, and she thanked all her supporters and promised to perform up to expectation once she takes over the office. She also called onto females both in the higher institution and every other place not to think of themselves as inferior in the society but as a strong pillar for the success of the institution and the country at large”.
There were 3 candidates for the office of the President. One of those who lost said ”He is from the Department of Religion and Philosophy, power is in the hands of God, therefore, he would accept defeat as its the will of God and will work with the winner.
Report by Keren Veren
Edited by JM (2/5)

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