The University of Jos examination for the 2018/2019 session which kicks start on the 25th of November 2019, has created tension in the air for most students as they prepare for the forthcoming exams.
        Most common rooms in the Naraguta campus gets really occupied at the early hours of the evening, which shows students preparing for the exams.
           Speaking with Ebenezer Omale a 300 level mass communication student said that”the preparation for exams has been ongoing for a while now. Most students are seen carrying bags and books to look for a comfortable place to read,  though it seems like a lot of people are not well-prepared for the semester and it has raised some sort of tension among students”. He further mentioned that”this semester was a short one for me and exam seems to come so early but we are preparing so as to get the best outcome. The tension caused by the news of the exam is due to the speedy evolvement process of the semester. Examination seemed to come earlier than expected”.
            According to Theresa Odeh a 400 level marketing student said” the administration has put in efforts to finish up the session this year and is pleased by the quick evolvement of the examination, “she said. She commended the administration for putting efforts to finish up the semester early.
           In another interview with Oscar Pamela a 200 level pharmacy student expressed her sadness over this forthcoming exam and in her remark ,”I think this exam came as a shock to every student including me due to the fact that some lecturers were unable to cover up their syllabus and this has made it difficult for majority of student to be able to concentrate and study”.
          Students are therefore burning the midnight candle and studying hard for the forthcoming exam.
Report and photo by Victoria Anyebe
Edited by JM (3/5)

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