As a way to ensure that students enjoy good and healthy food, Nestlé Nigeria PLC in collaboration with their Maggie star And Nescafe products took to their campus tour in University of Jos as part of their state to state tour to enlighten people and students on the benefits of healthy food, as well as ways to prepare them. The event which was tagged “UNIJOS” edition of pop up kitchen took place yesterday, 23rd of November 2019, at the Naraguta hostel football field.

The event started with a welcome address from the students union government representative, in the person of Tatmang Emmanuel, the financial secretary who welcomed the representatives of Nestle Nigeria PLC, as well as students and even lecturers like Mr. Lucky Fadam from theater and film arts department.

Highlights of the events included cooking competition which had both males and females cooking different African delicacies like rice, local soups, etc, with the winners being awarded packets of different Nestlé products like Maggie.

Also, a cooking show, Maggie show was showcased with different cooking practicals of delicacies like kpom dodo, efo riro, Edikan kong, etc.

Mr. Paul Kim who gave the speech on their sensitization campaign on healthy living encouraged all students to go online and register, watch and learn how to make healthy delicacies like kpom dodo.

Speaking to one of hosts and cooks of the event, Mrs Ruth Effiong, said they move from state to state  teaching people how to make different delicacies under the Maggi pop up kitchen roadshow, she also said that they had come from Kano to University of Jos and they would be heading to Abuja next to continue with their state to state tour. One of the drivers, Mr. James Rekwi also said that this was a welcome initiative to encourage students on nutritious and healthy food cooking.

The massive crowd who turned out for this event was thrilled with a lot of music from DJ Daniel Igwe, food from Maggi star and lots of drinks from Nescafe.

The show ended with a movie showcase “the bling Lagosians”, a movie that reveals the ostentatious and fake life.

Report and photos by Joshua Audu
Edited by JM (4/5)

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