The Nigerian University Education Students Association (NUESA) University of Jos Elections took place in the early hours of 23rd November 2019. The election which began at around 10 am was going smoothly with agents of the Man O’ War and University of Jos security monitoring the premises to ensure peaceful stability throughout.
The election was peaceful and all agents observing the electoral committee were satisfied with the processes involved. During the process of counting of ballot papers, an unexpected move by cult members who wreaked havoc to the security and the Man O’ War club members created unrest. A cult member was reported to have threatened a Man O’ War member and ended up slapping him, the cult boys reported to have sprung up from nowhere created mayhem at the election premises which intensified into a conflict between the cult members and the Security personnel of University of Jos Security and the Man O’ War members.
A Man O’ War Commander was attacked at the spot by the cult boys and was barely saved by other personnel. One of the cult members brought out a knife in an attempt to stab a Man O’ War security member but the attack was hindered by another member of the Man O’ War club. It turned bloody as the boys began throwing stones at the security who ran and escaped with the ballot boxes to the University of Jos security division. Some members of the Man O’ war sustained serious injuries as a result of the attack.
There was a report later on that a student was stabbed which the university authority has debunked and advised the general public to disregard the rumor.
Speaking with some students that witnessed this horrific act, the students appealed to the school authorities to look into the unfortunate event and bring the perpetrators to book.
Report and photos by Karima Saleh
Edited by JM (4/5)

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