The National Association of Pan Students (NAPANS) university of Jos chapter has drawn the attention of dignitaries, students and lots more to African culture by an amazing performance of cultural-wealth, this took place at village hostel cafeteria on Saturday 16 September during the NAPANS cultural day which was the first of its kind.
   After the ‘opening speech’ by the NAPANS President, Kop’luar David, the event advanced to a traditional dance called ‘dadjang’, which men and women wearing uniform wrappers, danced in circle to the drumbeat, the most interesting and catchy group of dancers that got the audience praising the participants was the ‘Mau’, also called ‘Komtoeng’ which all dancers were men that used green leaves to cover their lower body, the participants painted their faces and body with mud, apart from the dances, cultural foods were displayed and identified to the audience their dietary functions.
   Commenting on the event, the Long Pan of Quaan Pan local government, represented by the district head of Bual Miskahgam Jerome Leklat appreciated NAPANS for revisiting their culture even with the pressure of western culture that dominates the society, “before today, I thought our culture will die after our generation, but with what I saw, I am convinced that our grandchildren will grow to live on it” said Miskahgam Jerom Leklat, he also encouraged the NAPANS and the entire students to see culture as part of their social life and also as a form of identity which they should carry along.
   Addressing the students, the vice-chancellor of University of Jos, Professor Seddi Sabastian Maimako represented by Dr. Kwatmen Mathias a lecturer from the department of accounting, expressed his joy over the cultural  performances which according to him serve as a reminder of who Africans are, “seeing the students wearing cultural attire and dancing in a traditional way is like winning back our pride, instead of copying the western culture” said Dr. Kwatmen, he described the participants as ‘culturati’ and challenges  every student and  members of the audience to try and become one.
Report and photos by Dabilong Bitrus Iko
Edited by JM (3/5)

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