Monday the 25th day in the month of November 2019, the University of Jos commences its second-semester examination to mark the end of 2018/2019 session. The session is tagged as a special one by students because again, the school is graduating the second set of students in the year 2019.
As the final year students are anxious to complete the session, so also other students are anxious to move to the next level. Whereas, some students are grumbling that the semester is short and some lecturers haven’t completed their syllables.
In an interactive session with the exam officer mass communication department, Mr. Mabas Akila, he debunked claims by students that the semester is short, saying that the semester is exactly twelve weeks of lectures if calculated from the resumption, he added that students should not use that as an excuse not to read. Also advising all students to read and prepare well for the examination.
A final year student of the English department, Christiania John Makut disclosed in an interview how happy and anxious she is to graduate, advising other final year students not to be over-excited and forget to be serious and congratulated all of them in advance.
Students are urged to concentrate and read their books right from the beginning of the semester to avoid late readings and failure of continuous assessment as that will limit one’s G.P.

Report and photo by Tani Baammuk
Edited by JM (3/5)

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