Darkness in the university of Jos as students resolve to reading with candles and torchlights.

The University of Jos is experiencing  darkness and no electricity with the cause being unknown,but can only be traced back to around 10 am on Tuesday, the 26th when the light started blinking and going off which caused many students to believe the light was spoilt and this caused a sudden change of atmosphere for the students with some wondering if the light was going to be restored immediately or not, and not until 7 pm students gave up with the light being restored as they all resolved to torches and candles to read with and prepare for their examination.
   Moving around the University of Jos permanent site, students are reading under the street light and some in the common room using candles and torchlights.
On an interview about the light situation with a student from the department of archeology Zakari Zainab, she said “I feel very bad about this light situation happening at such period when it is needed the most”she further went more to explain how she left the off-campus student area to come read at the University of Jos campus only to find out about the heartbreaking situation. Also Grace Ochagwuba from the department of English said the situation has made her less interested to read, she also said the school feels dead without electricity and she will keep hoping the light is restored.
Meanwhile, Vanessa Dokotri from the department of urban and regional planning said she is finding it difficult to read due to the condition of her eyesight and wouldn’t want this to happen again.
   Although many students see this as an opportunity to sleep despite this, so many students are still finding it difficult and hoping the electricity is restored. And from the interview about how students felt concerning the light situation in the University of Jos campuses we see a high rate of disappointment and hope for the light to be restored.
As at this moment, the University of Jos is still out of electrical power and students in several hostels are still finding it difficult and also complaining.
Report and photos by Nelson Treasure
Edited by JM (4/5)

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