The attitude of students of the University of Jos, faculty Arts to the security is alarming and a thing of concern, for the students’ disobedience towards securities has now become a phenomenon.
    The securities expressed bitterly on how some students are disrespectful when being asked not to enter the faculty with bags and without their identity cards. During an interview with the security personal Mrs. Margret, a security officer, expressed her resentment on how rude and arrogant some ladies are when being asked to keep their bags outside before entering the faculty but commended the men.
However, Mr Wuyep Ezekiel a security officer in the faculty of arts gave the students a pass mark because some are committed and understanding and he also compared the lectures time and exams period by saying there’s an improvement in the attitude of students as the school management made it compulsory for students to come to school with identity card and school fee receipt before being allowed to write exams but most challenges are during lectures period.
    Some students who were interviewed stated reasons why there’s always confusion between students and the security personnel of the institution. Theresa John a 200 level student of History and International Studies department said that the lack of effective communication of the security to the students is the beginning of the problem, (not being polite and harass the students).  Likewise, Wetpun Dakan, a student of the English department 100 level said that most securities are aggressive that is why there’s always a problem, and also calls on the school management to look into this issue in order to bring an end to the problem. And on her own part, Zipporah Andrew, a 300 level student of the department of Music advises the students to always comply with the security personnel because they are not only our guide but our parents and our elder ones so they should be respected.
Report and photos by Catherine Ameh Suva
Edited by JM (2/5)

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