Students of the University of Jos residing on campus (Naraguta) faced a severe blackout today being the 26th of November 2019. This prevented most students from adequately preparing for their ongoing examinations as most were used to the luxury of having constant light supply. One of the benefits of living on campus.

          They were in for a shock however, as they spent the whole day in darkness and those who didn’t have lamps were helpless as they couldn’t read for their exams.

According to Garsama Napiya Dinat, a 100 level student of the department of Biology education residing in Zion hostel of the Naraguta campus, the light started showing signs of having issues in the morning when it tripped off then came back on a very high voltage, rapidly blinking and  destroying her rooms light bulbs and phone charger.

          When the light was totally spoilt, sparks were seen on the pole wires around the New General hostel formerly known as the Post Graduate hostel (PG Hostel).

Kwoopnan Da’or, a 200 level student in the department of computer science who resides in the hostel further said that the light spoiling at this point in time is a very bad thing, as students residing on campus depend on the constant light supply to study for their exams. Unlike their counterparts living at Ring Road who are already used to the almost non-existent presence of light, they prepare by having several electric lamps and power banks to charge their phones so they can read. But students on campus have no need for these because of the constant light supply. They are at a loss here because they haven’t prepared for this kind of event happening in the nearest future.

          The atmosphere in the hostel is that of despair and panic as students who didn’t prepare for their exams earlier on  planned on adopting the popular reading style known to students as “TDB” (till daybreak) won’t be unable to do so because of the lack of light due to the blackout in the entire University.

Most already feel like they’ll fail their examinations as a result of the blackout as the only thing close to a source of light they had were the solar-paneled street lights.

Report by Joshua Audu
Edited by JM (4/5)

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