A JOINT PROGRAM AT ZION HOSTEL BY MAGGI STAR, NESCAFÉ, GOLDEN MORN AND FILM HOUSE was held on the 23rd day of November, 2019 at the Zion Hostel premises.

There were some exciting games where students were asked to lift lifts, at some rounds the ladies came first and some point the men were first. There were ludo games on each of the table for the audience and spectators to be playing, and even as all this were going on, there were registrations that were also going on. When you register, you will be issued a free meal ticket and the registration was also free.

There were people carrying the NESCAFE which has already been mixed and was they were sharing to the audience. The coffee was really nice according to those who took it. And also the registered members were thought how to make different flavors of coffee after which they were asked questions to be sure that they understood and people who answered correctly were rewarded with a cup of NESCAFE GOLD LATTE.

The program ended with a film show by the film house. The participants headed to the Zion hostel common room for the film and they were given food, drinks, water and popcorn. In between the film were music presentations, the program ended around 8pm.

Report by Simi Makai
edited by JM (3/5)

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