The university of Jos experienced its first concert this session which featured comedy,dance, spoken word poetry and song performance sponsored by Opay ride services, naijaface media and sunrise bakery.
The event being the first of its kind took place at the University of Jos,  Naraguta social centre and recorded a large turnout of students who came out in their numbers to get entertained and relaxed from academic stress which is aimed at educating students on the dangers of depression and the importance of relaxation, as relaxation helps in providing a stable mind for proper comprehension and learning, since depression has been one of the menace faced by students today and the organizers  took it upon themselves to educate the students through talk session and song performances that mentioned depression  and how to curtail it.
          Speaking with Jesse Ayuba, a co. sponsor of the UniJos exclusive concert and the owner of the naijaface media, he mentioned in his statement that”the concert is a platform to create a connection among students and to enlighten them on the importance of friendship and the ability to relate their problems and challenges in order  to relieve them of the stress that might lead to depression. He further stated that the social event will expose students to fun, create connectivity and, joy and laughter,as that is the major purpose of the event”.He also stated that it is a multi purpose event where entrepreneurs and small scale business owners would come and advertise their products through show casing them, as seen when student entrepreneurs  are engaged in different craft skills such as fashion designing, barbing and software developers came to advertise their products and offered to teach any student who was willing to learn for free.
              Speaking with Omale Godwin the owner of the sunrise bakery and also a cosponsor of the concert, “I was happy and pleased when I was  approached to sponsor the concert because for some one like me who was once a student of this prestigious university and I know how depression feels and how harmful and rampant it is with most youths if these  days,this type of entertainment program would bring to the notice of students the dangers of depression and harmful effects it causes. The advantage of having friends and letting them know of our challenges gave me joy  to sponsor this project and it tends to promote something unique and also to give back to society what it has given back to me, and also the concert provided a platform for sunrise bakery to advertise  her products and services to students who are not aware of its existence,by making a give away package for students as a strategy towards making them patronise our product”.
             In an interview  with Demol Yusuf a 300 level student of the faculty of environmental sciences, he expressed his satisfaction of the event, in his statement, “I wish to applaud the organisers of this event for coming up with such initiative to reach out to people going through depression with all the programs entailed in the event ranging from comedy,dance performances, drama and song performances. I had a lot of fun tonight and I learnt also the importance of friendship and how it helps in getting rid of our problems most of us find it very difficult to share our challenges with other people and it is  one of the major challenges and fuel that aggravates depression to suicide.
           “This event has impacted in me things I was unaware of and the stories shared by most of the artist in their songs,drama and poems  has encouraged me and taught me that there is  more to life than difficulties and it  encourages the organisers to host such event continuously as it  helps in relaxation” said Miracle Abuh a  200 level student of Mathematics.
Report and photos by Victoria Anyebe
Edited by JM (3/5)

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