The University of Jos students staying at the Naraguta village are left in deep fear of the unknown as their rooms were bugled and their things stolen on the 29th November, 2019 while they were away for their exams.
   One of the victims in the person of David Auta Tino, a 200 level student of the department of criminology, faculty of social sciences said that this is the second time that such thing is happening to him in person and that preventive measures should be taken with immediate effect because the rate of theft is on a rapid increase as almost every week students complain of their things being stolen either at gun point when they’re around or their rooms being bugled.
Some students which have been in the area for close to 2 years now said that when they first came to the area it was as peaceful as anything. They could go out at night to the hostel areas and return to their rooms safely without anybody harassing them on their way or coming to meet their rooms bugled but recently as more students begin to move in, there have been cases of theft which is on the increase as days go by and unless this problem is handled now and fast, Naraguta village will be like other student areas (russau and ring road) with high crime rate.
   An aged man which is more of the ‘mai angwa’ said that to tackle this problem, “we have to work together. Strange faces should be questioned to know their mission in the area” as he strongly believes that those carry out this criminal act are not from the area knowing too well that they can easily be recognized when seen or when they speak.
Report and photos by Paul Guwam
Edited by JM (3/5)

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