Potential Death Trap At Naraguta Boys Hostel

There is a potential death trap at the Block B part of Naraguta boys hostel which is situated inside the Naraguta campus of the University of Jos.
   The protective structure that covers the passageway has fallen off.
   This poses a serious threat as the students that occupy the rooms directly affected and also those that use the passageway are always cautious for the fear of falling off.
   The rooms directly affected are rooms 19-21 of the second floor towards the right wing.
    In an interview with two of the occupants that were available at the time of the interview, when asked how long the problem has existed they all could not give answers. They claimed that they met the situation that way.
   Kelechi Chigozie, one of the occupants expressed his anger and displeasure that the situation has not been brought to the management’s notice while the other by name Damla Stephen pleaded with the school management to look into the situation as it could lead to loss of life or the serious injury to whoever may fall prey.
    Students should be discouraged from occupying the affected area of the building until the problem is resolved by the management of the institution.
   Another disturbing issue is that students do not have proper waste disposal bins. They have to throw out their waste through the passageway.
Report  and photos by Joana Emmanuel
Edited by JM (3/5)

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